Oceanic routing

We follow sensitives convoys to go through with safety and efficiency, preventing excessive fatigue. We deal with maritime aspect, possibility of shelters, balance of risk-benefits… Processed first with seamanship over than numerical intelligence.

Offshore industry

Because we understand the seaworthiness of your project, we select and comment forecast and data to assist in decision taking.

Cyclonic studies

We follow and assist in preventing extreme tropical events

Cargo Sail

Following tall sailing ships into the zero carbon transport

Hindcast and statistics

Asking the good question:
“ What is the best period to plan my operation?” "Over the last 12 previous months of January, how many windows with less than 1,0m waves happened?” “ To design this structure, what extrem wave should I expect on a 50 years return period?"

Weather forecast

We provide weather reports, following each situation manually.